Demand-Driven Research & Development

We are an R&D-focused organisation that is powered by science, driven by innovation, and geared to fulfill commitments. We have a well-equipped laboratory with a team that combines talent, expertise, and experience. Our high-level scientific team comprises members with backgrounds in science, engineering, and rubber chemistry. We were the first Indian manufacturer of Elastomer Compound materials. Our R&D Lab has innovated 100+ unique rubber compounds to suit specific customer requirements.

Industries we serve

We serve the Automotive Industry, Building and Construction Industry, Mining and Industrial Machinery, Oil & Gas Industry, Chemical Processing Industry, and Accessories for Wearables. We deeply understand the compliances required by various regulatory agencies, and meticulously adhere to them.

Automotive Industry

Delivering high-performance material for critical use in power trains, engines, and components.

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Building & Construction Industry

Balancing functionality with price in speciality rubbers for construction industry.

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Mining & Industrial Machinery

Rubber compounds for components that ensure high uptime, and low breakdowns in industrial machinery.

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Oil & Gas Industry

Balancing the equation between material strength, low operating costs and efficient production.

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Chemical Processing Industry

Producing rubber compounds as per client specifications.

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Accessories for Wearables

Wearables that are resilient, durable & comfortable despite daily stresses.

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Process-driven innovation that delivers purpose

We create direct connections between our R&D team and the customer's shop floor, from where demand for new compounds emerges. Our team interacts with customers to understand their requirements, and we use these as the starting point of our R&D efforts. With a combination of primary and applied research and end product development, we offer our customers a tried, tested, and trusted means to achieve their technological, environmental, and other targets.