Technology in the service of industry

There is something unique about how we operate. We have built an enabling infrastructure that combines the latest scientific and technological equipment with processes that help us deliver what every customer seeks - performance rubber compounds that give the desired characteristics and enhance value in application. Our product catalogue is replete with rubber compounds that have undergone the stages of desire, discovery, and commercialisation.

Working with a partnership approach

We work as an extension of our customer's organisation and enable them to enhance their offerings with made-to-purpose compounds. Our consistent focus is to satisfy customer needs rather than sell what we make.

Serving a large cross-section of the industry

We have the good fortune of serving a broad cross-section of industries, including SMEs, Mid-Sized companies, and MNCs. We bring the same level of attention, due diligence, and efficiency to each of our customers.

Connecting the lab to the shop floor

We have taken R&D away from the rarefied atmosphere of academicians and brought it to the customer shop floor to solve real-life problems and deliver to their requirements.