We Leverage the knowledge and technical expertise in Rubber Technology to deliver

We bring to the Rubber Compounding Industry a solutions-oriented approach that begins with understanding the client’s desired materials qualities and leverages R&D to produce such materials. We deliver exemplary value to our customers thanks to our ability to successfully scale from lab to commercial quantities with consistency in production quality.

For 20+ years, we have sustained our relationships and contributed to our customer's needs

We have built a leadership position by consistently delivering innovatively engineered products with the desired performance characteristics. We have an ever-evolving product catalog driven by our customers' requirements and combine state-of-the-art R&D facilities along with human expertise to innovate and deliver.

Unveiling our new logo

The essence is the same the representation is contemporary

Dev-Ashish means blessings that flow
from the Devas or the Divine beings.


The triangle stands for implementation of vision and alignment of hierarchy.

The outer circle is indicative of the comprehensive service we offer customers, forming a seamless circle with no beginning or end.

The M in the center of the logo with two blue columns indicates our deep roots in industrial & business enterprises, providing a ready platform for future growth. It also characterises the Mody family which owns and manages these enterprises.

Indicative of our progressive outlook, forward-looking nature, and the new generation of Mody’s coming into the business.

The red colour indicates the strength and solid foundation of our enterprise.

The colours orange and blue encompass warmth and coolness, showcasing our constancy across the spectrum.

The logo is our standard bearer, reiterating our customer centricity and our commitment to continued excellence.