At Devashish Polymers, we believe that every business is a “people” oriented enterprise, and it is our relationship with our customers, vendors, bankers etc, that helps us grow. In our thinking, people are not just our assets, but our asset makers. We work with our team with a partnership approach based on shared responsibility and mutually defined goals. We offer a merit-based environment where talent is nurtured and achievement is rewarded. We are part of a fast growing industry, and offer several opportunities for lateral as well as vertical career growth.

Synergy is Teamwork in action

We seek to work with talented and ambitious individuals who believe in teamwork and have characteristics such as:

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A complementary personality that seeks solutions & avoids conflicts.

Resilience, passion, open mindedness and innovative streak.

Trustworthiness based on loyalty to the Devashish Polymers and its brand.

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To apply or know more about the current openings please reach out to us at

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