We work with the environment, community and nature with a caretaker mentality

At Devashish Polymers, if profit is the goal of business, Sustainability is its purpose. We work to ensure that we fulfil our current needs without compromising the needs of future generations. In our company, we actively work to maintain a balance between economic growth, environmental preservation, and social well-being. In short, we are a positive contributor towards the Sustainability of our society. On the sustainability front, we focus on the following:

Social Factors

We undertake a range of initiatives for social upliftment and progress.

Human Factors

We work with our people and business associates to improve our competence through material interventions.

Economic parameters

We ensure that we are fair wage payers, and take care of the needs of our people to provide higher levels of economic well-being.

Environmental requirements

We take a conservative attitude towards working and utilising natural assets. We have recently implemented a comprehensive change in technology to conserve the use of water in our manufacturing operations.

Caring today for
our tomorrow

Every industry uses resources to manufacture products. Sustainable manufacturing is defined as

Meeting the needs of the present times, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Conserving Water, sustaining its availability

The conventional process involved groundwater storage in the overhead tank, from where it was supplied to the chiller plant for cold water supply and hot water from within the process would return to the cooling tower and into the chiller (continuous process). This process resulted in a large volume of water evaporation from within the cooling water, demanding a high volume of makeup water. This “makeup” water was a daily additional.

Our new water conservation process

  • We treat groundwater via the Ion Exchange (water softening plant) to reduce the hardness to between 50 to 200 ppm.
  • Treated Water is lifted from the overhead tank to the newly installed Air-Cooled Chiller.
  • The Air-cooled chiller is a closed-circuit system with well-insulated pipelines eliminating any water wastage; only demanding any make up water incase of any leakages/breakdown; whereas waste water from the filters are used for other domestic purposes.
  • Consumption and measurement of water use are installed in possible areas.
  • The new system saves water lost to evaporation in the earlier system, thus conserving water resources sustainably.
  • Using a water efficient system and monitoring water quantity is an important part of sustainability for domestic /industrial water system.
  • Efficient piping systems that are leak free and well insulated provide a network that is reliable and help limit water wastage.