The construction industry has multiple use cases for specially made-rubber compounds. In this price-sensitive market, we offer our products at reasonable rates.

Over time, more demands are being made on materials used during the construction of civil structures. Buildings must be easy to maintain, weather resistant, and safe to use. Rubbers with these functional attributes need to be made; they are not naturally available. At Devashish Polymers, we have consistently undertaken R&D to bring to life rubber compounds that match industry requirements in terms of both functionalities as well as price.

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Increasing demand for Specialty Rubber materials.

High-functionality materials that offer a range of features are increasingly becoming the norm. This trend is due to industry and citizens seeking to conserve energy, reduce external noise, remain sustainable and minimize their environmental footprint while being durable and easy to maintain.

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Muting External Sounds, atmospheric impact & extending longevity of pipes.

External sounds are always an intrusion into the life of people residing in buildings. Using high-performance rubber compounds as seals for windows can dampen sound to a desirable extent.

Moreover, in high-rise apartments, the rubber sealants of windows are exposed to atmospheric impacts and ozone-related rubber degradation. High-performance Compounds from Devashish can prevent these and extend the serviceable life of rubber parts.

Speciality compounds also deliver longevity and integrity of rubber sealants in pipes used to transport potable water, sewerage, and water for firefighting.

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Product Range


Rubber Compound delivering exceptional tear resistance & Superior Performance.


The Rubber Compound that can meet the quality of a combination of Elastomers.


The Compound delivers superior heat and oil exposure without losing its mechanical qualities.


Discover the possibilities of EPDM Compounds that deliver high energy efficiency with minimum footprint. 

Our R&D Labs have been the fountainhead of innumerable innovative Elastomer products widely accepted and used in industries such as Building & Construction, Automotives, Oil & Gas, Mining and Industrial Machinery, Chemical processing Industries, & Wearables etc.

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