Delivering High Performance with expectational tear strength

The FluoroMacht™ range of compounds offers you a complete range of recipe-based compounds developed in-house with rigorous testing and certification. 

The FluoroMacht™ Fluoroelastomer range of compounds are produced with fluorine contents of 65% to 71% with cure systems in bisphenol, amine or peroxide. The range of compounds adheres to performance grades such as BRE_with base resistance and low temperature.

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General Purpose Compounds – Great for moulding intricate shapes with good tear strength

The FluoroMacht™ range of General Compounds are standard Copolymers containing 66% fluorine-based compounds designed to mould intricate shapes with outstanding hot tear strength.

Intermediate Fluorine Compounds – Our range with higher Fluorine content

Our Intermediate Compound range includes Terpolymer Compounds with slightly increased fluorine up to 68%. These compounds are ideally suited for improved chemical resistance and are the preferred choice for fuel resistance.

High Fluorine Compounds – the ideal choice for improved chemical resistance

Terpolymer compounds with 70% fluorine for enhanced chemical resistance are popular for applications involving exposure to alcohol-containing fuels.

High Fluorine – Low-Temperature Compounds – Recommended for low-temperature resistance applications

Our Tetrapolymer compounds with high fluorine are ideally suited for exceptionally continuous low-temperature resistance of -45*c. Therefore, these are the choice for use in applications involving exposure to alcohol-containing fuels at low temperatures.

Low-Cost Compounds – Ideal for Lathe Cut and custom moulded products

Our Low-Cost Compounds are standard Copolymers with 66% fluorine-based compounds. They are popularly used for shapes made by lathe cut and custom moulded products.

Specification Grade Compounds – Custom-designed solutions to suit your unique application demands

Our Specification Grade Compounds are specially formulated and designed to fulfil unique requirements based on Standards & Specifications as per published or custom-defined test methods to match individual customer processing requirements.

Speciality Compounds

Our range includes materials that deliver

  • Low Viscosity with enhanced tear resistance in hot state/conditions.
  • Low Shrinkage - specially designed compounds that provide shrinkage (out of the mould) and post-curing processes comparable with other elastomer-based compounds such as Nitrile or similar. These deliver the advantage of avoiding tool changes.
  • Reduced Post-Curing - designed to achieve similar mechanical properties and processing conditions but with better compression set and heat ageing characteristics with reduced post-curing times as low as 2 hours when compared to the standard post-curing need of up to 24 hours.
  • Thick Cross Section compounds - designed/formulated with resistance to opening or line of breakages caused by cracking or splitting. This range of compounds delivers increased bond strength between the rubber and the metal substrate.
  • Custom Color compounds - are custom colour-matched compounds that ensure batch-to-batch colour consistency. They are available in various colours, from light to dark and vibrant shades.

Tetrafluoroethylene/Propylene (TFEP)

TFEP or FEPM Compounds with fluorine of 55% are developed for enhanced resistance to Acids, Alkalis, Hot 
Water and Steam. Compared with the standard Fluoroelastomer compounds, these compounds offer superior resistance in mediums such as amines and phosphate esters.