Devashish Polymers has consistently offered R&D-based Rubber compounds that perform to expectations.

The process of chemical transformation of raw material may involve a variety of stages, including chemical reactions, physical changes such as mixing or separation, and electrical and mechanical impulses. The operations must work seamlessly through all these processes with no interruption. Ensuring this continual operation requires rubber components with high chemical resistance, durability, and reliability. In addition, the Rubber Compounds must resist impact from exposure and contact with acids, alkaline, and other liquids. Such exposure happens in valves, tanks, and fluid metering devices that are part of the process from intake to discharge. DPPL R&D has delivered a range of Fluro Elastomer materials that provide the qualities our clients require. In addition, they result in smooth, hassle-free, and continual operations ensuring superior performance and revenues.

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Product Range


Rubber Compound delivering exceptional tear resistance & Superior Performance.


The Rubber Compound that can meet the quality of a combination of Elastomers.


The Compound delivers superior heat and oil exposure without losing its mechanical qualities.


Discover the possibilities of EPDM Compounds that deliver high energy efficiency with minimum footprint. 

Our R&D Labs have been the fountainhead of innumerable innovative Elastomer products widely accepted and used in industries such as Chemical Processing Industries, Automotives, Oil & Gas, Building & Construction, Mining and Industrial Machinery, & Wearables etc.

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