Our deep knowledge of Material sciences enables us to produce Rubber compounds for the demanding Oil & Gas industry. 

The Oil & Gas industry works with highly caustic chemicals, high pressures, and temperatures. Therefore, components for this industry need to be designed with high-level knowledge of Material Sciences. These components must maintain their integrity despite harsh drilling conditions, severe weather, contact with abrasive substances, mechanical stress, low temperatures and friction tolerance. It also must undergo and survive rapid gas decompression, also known as explosive decompression and resist degradation due to sour gas exposure. The demands of increased uptime and continued serviceability require rubber components of exceptional quality. DPPL R&D has achieved multiple breakthrough products that reduce operating costs, optimize performance, and improve the environmental footprint.

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Product Range


Rubber Compound delivering exceptional tear resistance & Superior Performance.


The Rubber Compound that can meet the quality of a combination of Elastomers.


The Compound delivers superior heat and oil exposure without losing its mechanical qualities.


Discover the possibilities of EPDM Compounds that deliver high energy efficiency with minimum footprint. 

Our R&D Labs have been the fountainhead of innumerable innovative Elastomer products widely accepted and used in industries such as Oil & Gas, Automotives, Building & Construction, Mining and Industrial Machinery, Chemical Processing Industries, & Wearables etc.

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