Durability & sustained performance are important factors ensuring that our client applications work as desired. 

The rubber parts of any moving machinery were traditionally considered weak links, resulting in machinery breakdowns. These breakdowns could originate from component wear and tear, harsh working conditions, heavy loads, and operational impacts. Under these less-than-ideal conditions, rubber components need to perform while maintaining their integrity and service life. DPPL's made to purpose speciality rubber compounds delivers desired qualities specific to your application. We have designed and manufactured speciality compounds that retain their elasticity and sealing capabilities for extended durations. These compounds withstand operations in extreme temperatures, high humidity, desiccation, high pressures, corrosive chemical-filled atmospheric conditions,  abrasion, and mechanical strains. 

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Product Range


Rubber Compound delivering exceptional tear resistance & Superior Performance.


The Rubber Compound that can meet the quality of a combination of Elastomers.


The Compound delivers superior heat and oil exposure without losing its mechanical qualities.


Discover the possibilities of EPDM Compounds that deliver high energy efficiency with minimum footprint. 

Our R&D Labs have been the fountainhead of innumerable innovative Elastomer products widely accepted and used in industries such as Mining and Industrial Machinery, Automotives, Oil & Gas, Building & Construction, Chemical Processing Industries, & Wearables etc.

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