For the Wearable sector, we produce R&D-based Fluroelastomers that deliver aesthetics and performance. 

Wearables are consumer products that are worn next to one's skin featuring straps and wristbands made with speciality materials. Given its proximity to the body, the materials must deliver a smooth and sensual feel and be soft and pliable. The materials must also be durable, pliable and resistant to daily sweat, stains and UV rays. DPPL offers  FluoroMacht™ - one amongst our range of speciality Fluoroelastomer compounds in various colours that suit your specific application while proving economical and long-lasting. FluoroMacht™ is a material with great density & weight while remaining smooth and rugged. Straps made with FluoroMacht™ withstand harsh conditions like high temperatures and adverse environmental conditions etc., while being skin friendly. Straps made with FluoroMacht™ are trending amongst divers and adventurers. Today, they are an almost mandatory choice of high-end brands. FluoroMacht™ Straps are comfortable for all-day wear; they are not too stiff. They resist heat and dust and do not crack. These straps are also easy to colour, which makes them convenient to mix and match as per the tastes, aspirations and lifestyles of all age groups.

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Product Range


Rubber Compound delivering exceptional tear resistance & Superior Performance.


The Rubber Compound that can meet the quality of a combination of Elastomers.


The Compound delivers superior heat and oil exposure without losing its mechanical qualities.


Discover the possibilities of EPDM Compounds that deliver high energy efficiency with minimum footprint. 

Our R&D Labs have been the fountainhead of innumerable innovative Elastomer products widely accepted and used in industries such as Wearables, Automotives, Oil & Gas, Building & Construction, Mining and Industrial Machinery, Chemical Processing Industries etc.

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